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  • Ergonomics of a Schoolbag

    The trekking tradition on the way to school.
    With the Under 10 ergonomic Schoolbag set out the body to less physical stress, it’s to live better.

    The ergonomic construction

    The distribution of the weight with an Under 10

    Learning, Growing, healthy carrying. The weight have to be transmitted to the pelvis being "as one" with your scoolbag

    The Under10 meet the demands and expectations that one has to have a schoolbag  for today: it is light and adapts to the morphology of each child for his early school years. The concept of ergonomics results in intelligent distribution of weight through the body of the child and therefore a better posture. 

    The Under10 enjoy the child’s back because the thoracal and pelvis belt allow to carry the weight “glued” to the body, minimizing the muscle tensions. 
    Wearing a traditional schoolbag, due to its own weight and the daily load of books to be added thereto, is a source of public health problem in young children whose back, too, needs to grow without stress to grow well! Prevention rather than cure?

    Classic schoolbag

    With a classic schoolbag all the weight is borne on the shoulders of the child

    How adjust my Under 10?